Bad With Phones - Needles

Songwriter, Produzent, euer neuer Liebling? Über Bad With Phones weiß man nicht viel. Seine Single "Needles" hat dennoch das Potenzial zum Lofi-Sommerhit des Jahres.

Bei Bad With Phones ist Understatement: Lo-Fi-Drums, zurückgefahrene Percussion und eine dichte, warme Produktion. Seine Debütsingle "Needles" changiert zwischen Slacker-Rock, Pop und R&B-Beats und geleitet euch sanft in die ersten lauen Frühlingstage.

"Needles" is about this really sweet girl I used to date who was super cool but also really insecure and wanted me to live in an insecure bubble with her. After a while, I was basically ready to move on so I did and came up with the song realizing how much the relationship had drained me ."