The Graduate

The Graduate

MC Lars

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MC Lars ist gerade mal 21 Jahre und ein Kind der Generation Napster. Als Künstler beschäftigt er sich nun mit dem Zustand der Musikindustrie im Jahr 2006 und kommt zu einem klaren Urteil. Die spinnen, die Plattenfirmen!

Der Track "Download This Song" des Post-Punk-Laptop-Rappers, der auf einem Sample von Iggy Pops "Passenger" beruht, wird im März auf dem Album "The Graduate" (Nettwerk) erscheinen und sorgt seit einiger Zeit auch im Internet für Gesprächstoff. Darin thematisiert Lars den Niedergang der Musikbranche durch eine anhaltend falsche Politik. Das ist musikalisch zwar nicht sonderlich originell, doch der Text dürfte nicht nur Kids aus der Seele sprechen. Der Text im Originallaut: Download This Song It`s 2006, the consumer’s still pissed Won`t take it anymore so I’m writing a list Don`t try to resist this paradigm shift The music revolution cannot be dismissed $18.98 Iggy Pop CD? What if I can get it from my sister for free? It’s all about marketing Clive Davis, see? If fans buy the shirt then they get the mp3 Music was a product now it is a service Major record labels why are you trying to hurt us? Epic’s up in my face like, “Don’t steal our songs Lars,” While Sony sells the burners that are burning CD-R’s So Warner, EMI, hear me clearly Universal Music, update your circuitry They sue little kids downloading hit songs They think that makes sense When they know that it’s wrong! CHORUS Hey Mr. Record Man The joke’s on you Running your label Like it was 1992 Hey Mr. Record Man, Your system can’t compete It’s the New Artist Model File transfer complete Download this song! Download this song! Download this song! I know I`m rhyming fast, but the message is clear You don’t need a million dollars to launch a career If your style is unique and you practice what you preach Minor Threat and Jello both have things to teach! I`ve got G5 production, concept videos Touring with a laptop, rocking packed shows The old-school major deal? It makes no sense Indentured servitude, the costs are too immense! Their finger’s in the dam but the crack keeps on growing Can’t sell bottled water when it’s freely flowing Record sales slipping, down 8 percent Increased download sales, you can`t prevent Satellite radio and video games Changed the terrain, it will never be same Did you know in ten years labels won`t exist? Goodbye DVD’s, and compact disks! REPEAT CHORUS You know, we just wanted a level playing field. You’ve overcharged us for music for years, and now we’re Just trying to find a fair balance. I hate to say it, but… Welcome to the future. REPEAT CHORUS


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