The Twilight Sad - Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting

Die schottische Post-Punkband The Twilight Sad hat einen weiteren Song aus ihrem gefeierten Album "It Won't Be Like This All The Time" ausgekoppelt und das Video zu "Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting" ist nicht minder düster als der Track.

Bandmitglied und Co-Regisseur Brendan Jay Smith sagt zu dem Clip: 

"I found an old leather bag at the back of my Grandfather’s cupboard with a collection of super 8 film reels from the late 60’s. When I thought about connecting this with the glitched layers from DLT’s album artwork it felt like we could continue the records themes of distorted and fractured memories, whilst combining old and new formats and blurring the lines between these mediums. Filming in an old abandoned swimming pool from the 1920’s gave us an opportunity to reflect on past memories, drawing from my Grandfathers original footage but projecting them in the present in an altered state, by using contemporary methods."

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