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How to get personal feedback for your music

Like every popular blog we get tons of new music every day from all over the world. Our friends at Indieshuffle have developed a great new submission tool that we use to listen to your music and and that allows us to give individual feedback - guaranteed!

Tonspion is the biggest German music blog and was founded 1999 with the focus to discover and promote new music. Most of our team are musicians themselves and we know the struggle and the feeling, if you don't get any feedback on your work.

But in the past few years the numbers of music submissions have exploded and it has become impossible to listen to all the stuff from all over the world that we receive through mail. Which sucks.

Now we have created a profile on Submithub, a great new platform for music submissions, that our friends from Indieshuffle have developed because they had the same problem: they could not handle their inbox anymore.

And this is how it works:

Upload your music submissions and get feedback guaranteed

For any feedback you get you pay a couple of cents. This is used to pay for the amount of time that we actually spend listening to your music. The best stuff we get to hear will be featured in a new weekly column to also give our users the opportunity to discover great new music the easy way.

Your music in our inbox


If we like a song, we will send you a message what we plan to do.


If we pass on your song, we will send you a personal feedback, why we are not convinced yet. 


At the moment we get more than 200 submissions per week and the level of quality is really high. So Submithub gives us the opportunity to listen to EVERY single submission that you send us, no matter if you are an artist, a promoter/publicist or a label. We are looking forward to listening to your stuff.

Send your music: TONSPION at Submithub

Tonspion is the second biggest music blog worldwide that is also listed on HypeMachine. We are looking forward to listen to your work!

FAQ: Why does it cost money?

Listening to new music is the most time-consuming and unproductive part of our work. Since 90 percent of all we got to hear is not for any use on our site, we somehow have to be able to pay someone for doing the job.

Do we get rich on Submithub? For sure not! Maybe we can earn a maximum of 10 Dollars per hour for listening to your music on Submithub. So it's probably the cheapest promotion tool out there. And one of the most cost-effecitve ones.

Also music that we won't feature on Tonspion will get an individual feedback by our editors. Since the music business is a huge, crazy jungle, any hint about the right way to go will bring you forward and help you on the way to success. 

On Submithub we can't promise to feature your music, but we can promise to listen and let you know what we think. Honest and open.

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