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How to get your music heard in Germany

Since Tonspion (i.e. "tone spy") is the biggest German music blog on HypeMachine, we get a lot of requests by international artists, labels and promoters to feature their stuff. Please read this before you send us music.

Tonspion is the first German music blog and since 1999 introducing new music on a daily basis. This has been a difficult task back in the days, since in the early years of the MP3 revolution there was not much music available online. Well, this has slightly changed in the past years. Today we work with many labels in Germany to find the best new music there is and combine our reviews with tourdates etc. 

The problem is now: there is too much music to handle. We get tons of mails asking for "support" or songs to listen to. To be honest: we don't have that much time to listen to everything we get. In fact if your artist is not active in Germany, which means playing live shows and releasing music through a German label, it's quite unlikely we can feature it.

And if you are a promotion agency making money from sending out newsletters to blogs and magazines, it is even more unlikely we will offer our time to work for free for you.

If your music will blow us away because it is amazing, of course we will introduce it, no matter where or who you are! But let's be honest here: not even 1 percent of the music we get is even nearly capable of doing that. So be realistic, if you are really ready for a worldwide audience yet.

The advice we also give German bands is to first target their own local crowd in their city and regional area, then the whole country and then, with all that support in your back: go international. The other way round can work eventually, but it very rarely does. If noone at home wants to listen to your music, then certainly nobody abroad will. This is still true in the days of social media.

If you think your music is so special and unique that we have to listen to it: please send us more than just a link. Write something that gives us a reason to want to listen to it and make us curious. Be creative. Tell us what the reactions so far were. All of that helps.

But please don't mess with us. If we find you are writing nonsense and your music sucks or you send us a crappy demo or just a creepy rip-off remix of a big name artist the chances are high that we never ever gonna listen to your stuff again. So please don't promise things you cannot keep. 

So now that you know how we work and what we are looking for, you can write us. But thanks for not spamming.

If you want to promote your music in Germany, we can always offer promotional tools and banners. If you are interested in that, please check here for more information.


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