Music submissions on Tonspion

Music submissions on Tonspion

How to get personal feedback for your music
Like every popular blog we get tons of new music every day from all over the world. Our friends at Indieshuffle have developed a great new submission tool that we use to listen to your music and and that allows us to give individual feedback - guaranteed!
The 10 best clubs in Berlin

The 10 best clubs in Berlin

Clubbing in Europe's party capital
There are many lists of best Berlin clubs, lots of which are outdated or created by people outside of Berlin. As a Berlin-based music magazine our team of editors have put together a list of clubs are hot right now. It’s what you need to know before you start your weekend in Europe's #1 party capital.
Berghain (Foto: Yannick CC-BY-SA 4.0)

10 rumours about Berghain that are not true

Shit people say about the best club in the world
One rumour is absolutely true: Berghain is an iconic techno club that has set a standard in how to become world-famous while staying true to the underground at the same time. But since it has become famous as "the world's best club", strange rumours and myths surround Berghain. Time to get some facts straight.
German bands you need to know

German bands you need to know

World's best kept secret: pop music from Germany
In Berlin we get frequently asked, which German artists we would recommend to check out. So we created a list in English for all the expats out there who like to know what's going on in Germanys music scene right now. Spotify Playlist: New German Music

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