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German bands you need to know – pop music from Germany

In Berlin we get frequently asked, which German artists we would recommend to check out. So we created a list in English for all the expats out there who like to know what’s going on in Germanys music scene right now.
Spotify Playlist: New German Music


Though born in the Nineties, Sizarr’s music is deeply rooted in the Eighties with references to bands like The Smiths or Talk Talk. The three play together since high school and have found their own voice already. One of the most promising and unconventional German bands.


Cro is the new German rap mega star and extremely popular with the younger generation. With his panda mask, the 24 year old Carlo Waibel from Stuttgart is the nice and friendly antipode of Berlin’s gangsta rappers (yes German gangsta rap is actually huge in Germany), mixing Rap and Pop to his own trademark sound he called „Raop“. And he is still producing all his tracks from his bedroom at his mom’s house. Who needs a big studio when you have such a big talent?


What Cro is for German rap, Kraftklub have become for German rock. With their youthful energy and smart and funny lyrics, they have made a whole new generation go crazy for loud guitars. If you like Oasis you are probably going to love their anthem „Songs für Liam“ („If you kiss me, Noel will write songs for Liam again“). Check them out live, if you can!


Frank Wiedemann is one half of the famous electronic DJ-Producer team Âme who run the renowned label Innervisions and frequently play in legendary Berghain. Although they still have not managed to put out their debut album in the last 10 years, Wiedemann just released his new project Howling with Aussie-Songwriter Ry X. A fantastisc duo creating haunting dream house that will definitely steal your night. 

Susanne Blech

Susanne Blech are a fairly new band referring to the first wave of german electro bands like D.A.F. and Kraftwerk. They mix edgy electro beats with great hooklines and party with smart lyrics. Your ultimate german band.


The electronic supergroup from Berlin consisting of electro duo Modeselektor, the German one-man-band Apparat, and the visual designers Pfadfinderei, Moderat formed in 2009 and since then have become almost larger than their already popular solo acts.


While Germany is not famous for great pop music, Marcus Lauber is not impressed and is creating catchy indie pop with his alter ego Roosevelt that can easily compete with all your favourite english bands on hype machine. He’s releasing on Hot Chip’s label Greco-Roman.

The Notwist

The Notwist are from a small town in Bavaria – and the most beloved and admired German indie band of the last two decades. With their music, they melt indie rock and electronic influences to the soulful mellow sound that has become their trademark.


The siblings Eva and Philip Milner from Hamburg form the group Hundreds. He is the electronic wizard, and she is the voice. Together they create haunting, dreamy, electronic pop songs with an edge.


Hamburg-based DJ Tensnake, a.k.a. Marco Niemerski has been in the DJ business for over a decade already and is a frequent guest in clubs around the world. With his debut album “Glow” and the single “Love Sublime” feat. legend Nile Rodgers on guitar, he proves that he can not only play and remix, but also possesses his own musical vision, rooted in 70’s disco and funk.


Hamburg based rap group Deichkind has become a legend in the past years with their wild live shows and mixing electronic with rap music and unforgettable lines like „leider geil“ that have since then become standard terms of the German language. If you want to witness all your clichés of Germany collapsing at once, go and see a live show of this band.

Milky Chance

Their song “Stolen Dance” emerged from nowhere on the internet and soon became one of the most popular songs of 2013 in the country and one of the most „shazamed“ songs of 2014 worldwide! Mixing catchy folk songs with beats, Milky Chance have created the blueprint sound that inspired many remixers to mix folk guitars with dance beats.


He is not a singer, he is not a rapper, and yet Casper managed to become one of the most biggest new stars of the Indie and Rap scene in Germany recently. His voice is raucous, the legacy of his Punk and Hardcore years and the fans love him for his passionate style and lyrics that seem to speak right out of their souls. 


Clueso from Erfurt started as a teenage rapper with German lyrics when nobody cared about German rap. Although now German rap has turned into mainstream, he has developed into one of the best singer/songwriters of the country, combining a laid-back vibe with a good feel for the pulse of words and rhymes.


Malky from Leipzig bring soul into German music. With influences from Soul and R’n’B, the charismatic singer Daniel Stoyanow and his songwriting partner Michael Bajna have created their very own musical style over the past years and just released their debut album “Soon”.


Marteria was a successful male model and a professional football player before he became a rapper. With his trademark deep voice, he has become one of the most popular rappers in Germany in the past few years along with his green and stoned Alter Ego Marsimoto, who also releases albums.

Alle Farben

Alle Farben („all colours“) is Berlin born DJ Frans Zimmer. He had his big breakthrough with the top 10 single “She Moves” in 2014. After 10 years of playing in the smallest Berliner bars and clubs he is now gathering a huge following of young party people who love his poppy and light-weight version of house music.

Milky Chance

Like Milky Chance and Alle Farben DJ Robin Schulz has managed to push unexpected melancholic songs to the dancefloor. With the remixes for Mr. Probz „Waves“ and „Prayer In C“ by Lilly Wood & The Prick he created two massive international hits in 2014.


Of course also Germany has a huge Punkrock scene. One of the biggest bands since 20 years are the Beatsteaks from Berlin who are one of the few Punkrock bands refusing to sing in their mother tounge although it would be much more commercial.
On the other hand they have become more and more successful internationally and gained a huge following in other european countries like France, the Netherlands or Poland.

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